Friday, 26 June 2015

Celery experiment with room 17

Firstly room 17 and I were starting to do science the first science experiment was with celery it was to see what would happen if we put celery in a jar full of dye and left it there for a while.Secondly after a while of waiting the leaves of the celery turned the coulors of the dye and the dye was going up the stalk and it look like vains. The class and I splite a peace of celery up the middle of the jars so that it was in both jars to see what would happen.So at the end of the experiment the celery that was splite up the middle went purple blue and red so in conclusion if you put celery in dye for a while it will go the coulor dye you put it in.So if you read this and you want to try it. You will need celery,jars,food couloring and that is all you will need.